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Structural Setting

  Structural Events and Elements

Antler Orogeny and the Roberts Mountains Thrust
Sonoma Orogeny and the Golconda Thrust
Sevier Orogeny
Mesozoic(?) Folding
Mesozoic-Cenozoic Metamorphic Core Complex Formation
Tertiary Extension, High-Angle and Low-Angle Faults
Lateral Faults and the Northern Nevada Rift

Regional Structure

  Range Structure

Adobe Range and Peko Hills
Antelope and Park Ranges and Squaw Hills
Antelope Range and Kingsley Mountains
Bristol and West Ranges
Buck and Bald Mountains and Alligator Ridge
Bull Run Mountains
Butte Mountains
Cherry Creek Range
Cortez Mountains and Dry Hills
Currie and Lava Hills
Deep Creek Range
Diamond Mountains
Dolly Varden Mountains
Double Mountain-Mason Mountain-Haystack Mountain area
Egan Range
Fairview Range and Dutch John and Grassy Mountains
Fish Creek Range
Fortification Range
Golden Gate Range
Goshute Mountains and Toana Range
Granite Range
Grant Range
HD Range
Horse Range
Hot Creek and Kawich Ranges
Independence Mountains
Jarbidge and Rowland Quadrangles
Kern Mountains and Red Hills
Leach and Delano Mountains and China Jim Mountain
Leppy Range
Limestone Hills
Mahogany Hills and Devils Gate
Marys River Basin Quadrangles
Maverick Springs and Medicine Ranges
Monitor Range
Mountain City Quadrangle
Owyhee Quadrangle area
Pancake Range
Pequop Mountains and Spruce Mountain Ridge
Pilot Range
Pinon Range
Quinn Canyon Range
Reveille Range
Roberts Mountains
Ruby Mountains and East Humboldt Range
Schell Creek Range
Seaman Range
Sheep Creek Range
Shoshone Range
Simpson Park Mountains
Snake Mountains
Snake Range
Sulphur Spring Range
Toiyabe Range
Toquima Range
Tuscarora Mountains
White Pine Range
Wilson Creek Range and White Rock Mountains
Windermere Hills
Wood Hills

  Basin Structure

Adobe-Elko Basin
Antelope Valley (East)
Antelope Valley (West)
Big Sand Springs Valley
Big Smoky Valley
Boulder Valley
Butte Valley
Carico Lake Valley
Cave Valley
Charleston Basin
Clover Valley
Coal Valley
Crescent Valley
Diamond Valley
Dixie Flats
Garden Valley
Goshute Valley
Grass Valley
Hamlin Valley
Hot Creek Valley
Huntington Valley
Independence Valley
Jakes Valley
Kobeh Valley
Lake Valley
Lamoille Valley
Little Fish Lake Valley
Little Smoky Valley
Long Valley
Maggie Creek Basin
Marys River Basin
Monitor Valley
Muleshoe Valley
Newark Valley
O'Neill Basin
Owyhee Basin
Pilot Creek Valley
Pine Valley
Railroad Valley
Reese River Valley
Ruby Valley
Spring Valley
Steptoe Valley
Stone Cabin Valley
Suzie Creek-Humboldt North Fork Basin
Toano Draw
Wells Basin
White River Valley
Wilkins Basin


Tertiary Isopach Data Table

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