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Simple Fault Block Domain

The Simple Fault Block Domain is characterized by relatively large high-angle listric and planar normal fault blocks that do not expose internal low-angle normal or thrust faults. These blocks are cut by relatively few internal high-angle faults that are dominantly long and continuous. This domain is exposed in the southern and southeastern portion of the evaluation area and includes the Wilson Creek Range, White Rock Mountains, Limestone Hills, Fairview, southern Schell Creek, southern Egan, Fortification, Golden Gate and Seaman Ranges, and the southern Pancake Range to the west.

The relatively simple fault blocks within this domain do show varying degrees of internal segmentation by high-angle normal faults, as well as various levels of stratigraphic exposure. The most intact blocks are present in the southern Egan, Schell Creek, and Fairview Ranges and the Limestone Hills. These blocks expose Cambrian through Tertiary rocks which are cut by only a handful of high-angle faults, and locally show gentle folding of the Paleozoic units.

The Wilson Creek, Seaman, Golden Gate, and southern Pancake Ranges, and the White Rock Mountains dominantly expose Tertiary rocks and local Upper Paleozoic units that are cut by more numerous high-angle faults of variable orientation, continuity, and displacement. Still, the blocks in these ranges are relatively simple and intact compared to other areas, particularly within the Low-Angle Normal Fault Domain which surrounds most of the Simple Fault Block Domain. The southern Pancake Range between Black Rock Summit and Portuguese Mountain is the most segmented block in this domain. Even this range is a large east dipping homoclinal block of Ordovician through Mississippian sediments cut by numerous short, small to moderate displacement high-angle fault segments.

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Last modified: 09/12/06